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In the room

2020 has taught us that online audio and video meetings are usually tiring and frustrating. Green-screen technology behind the participant allows our facilitator to capture their images in the same virtual space. This, together with curated audio enhancements, creates a higher level of real time interaction and makes meetings much more interactive and productive.

  • A unique fusion of technology and the internet to facilitate group meetings regardless of the location of the participant.
  • ‘Contributor capture*’ to manage the participants’ local environments
  • Common virtual room (not individual boxes on a screen) accommodates the participants.
  • Room layouts are fully customisable with full branding – either as live and interactive or as a fixed virtual space.
  • Curated audio systems facilitate immediate conversation without ‘audio switching’.
  • Full access to digital media which can be worked on simultaneously or simply viewed – either as part of the room or in full-screen mode.

 “You really feel like you are in the room with your colleagues, clients and investors, it’s brilliant”!

 Use this service for

  • virtual conferences,
  • board level meetings,
  • management awaydays,
  • one to one coaching,
  • Interviews,
  • Wherever you require participants to work together regardless of location

On the set

  • The same fusion of technology and the internet as above to create an event for live-stream and/or broadcast.
  • Common virtual studio for your presenters to work together regardless of location
  • Presenters/Participants can be anywhere with appropriate internet facilities
  • Fully interactive with all forms of presentation media
  • One-to-Many broadcast facility allows controlled but unlimited access for audiences to watch from anywhere in the world with internet access.
    • Use this service to

    • host a virtual conference,
    • present informative and interesting discussion forums,
    • Live-stream concerts and events,
    • Product launches
    • Training sessions
    • Wherever you require an audience to see something regardless of location

    Key features

    • Contributor Capture* – All kit needed to facilitate each participant’s role, supplied direct to their location.
    • White Label – Every meeting/event can be branded as appropriate
    • Curated Sound – every voice in the room is ‘as real’ so we can avoid ‘virtual pause’ or ‘dominant speaker’ syndrome
    • Secure controlled access for Participants and Audience

    *All rights reserved

    Virtual studio sets using green screen and real time “out the window” scenes












    Comprehensive control suites








    Virtual rooms








    LED back wall for corporate presentation










    Virtual online presentation with video










    People in different locations brought together “In the room”








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