Studio Hire

Studio Hire in Newbury

If you’re looking for studio hire in Newbury, PSL offers a suite of carbon-neutral, flexible, accessible and private studios available for film, television, advertising and music production. Our studios can be hired empty and ready for occupation or we can support clients with a wide range of sound, light, video, capture and effects equipment directly from our comprehensive on-site warehouse. PSL is able to provide a range of experienced engineering staff from riggers and gaffers to audio engineers, camera crew and lighting designers. 

COVID19 – All of our facilities allow for Covid-safe working practices with on-site testing by qualified medical staff prior to entry, air-cleaning, disinfection and a range of further measures to ensure that all our clients, staff and guests remain completely safe while working with us.

Studio 1

A 6,000 sq ft stage/build space which is carbon-neutral, covid-safe, acoustically treated and fully blacked-out with heights up to 35ft and over 8 tons of overhead rigging capacity. Studio 1 is available in any configuration for music, advertising, film or television production.

5m high HGV access doors allow vehicular access direct to the studio floor if required.

The studio is available for dry or fully serviced hire and is accompanied by dressing rooms, hair & makeup, canteen and wardrobe facilities as required.

Our discrete and private location just off the M4 and A34 is central to the south of England yet only a 35 minute train ride from London Paddington.  

A square, flexible studio space that can be sectioned and lit to suit client requirements with the addition of a variety of projection and LED wall display technology from basic rear projection to a fully equipped high resolution LED video studio with a comprehensive Unreal Engine setup.

The smooth, non-slip, polished concrete ‘super-strong’ floor is able to bear in excess of 40 tons per sq metre and our overhead rigging capability is almost equally as impressive with an EDL of more than 8 tons.

Working either on our arena-sized stage or simply from the studio floor, PSL offers the ability to host anything from a solo singer with a virtual video backdrop to a full concert orchestra.

1 Gigabit uncontended fibre and a range of cameras and crew, we are able to reliably broadcast live from the studio floor. From opera to DJ and orchestra to rock-band, PSL is committed to keeping music vibrant and real wherever the audience might be. We can even bring an online audience directly into the studio and put them on large format projection or LED wall. 

The studio can be configured with a suitably sized stage to allow music productions and tours to be rehearsed and configured in pre-production. Our arena-sized stages are available at short notice and because we have all the facilities onsite, at very modest costs.

From simple fold-back/IEM to full arena systems, we can provide audio and engineers to suit most budgets and requirements.

The same applies to lighting: We have a wide range of lighting and high-end effects systems and our team is experienced in their design and deployment for large format tours and concerts.

Studios 2 & 3 - Build Space & Extended Reality Stages

Available now: 

Studio 2 (11,000 sqft) & Studio 3 (8,000 sqft) are spaces available for customization by the incoming client and best suited to longer term TV projects and films. Essentially square spaces up to 11m high, they can be configured to suit larger productions and can be split as appropriate.

They each come with management offices and staff facilities and can be configured to give the incoming company their own entrance and exit

Our flexible build spaces can be sectioned, draped, treated, blacked-out and lit to suit client requirements with the addition of rigging structures of significant load-bearing capacity (up to 17 tons in studio 2)!

The smooth, non-slip, polished concrete ‘super-strong’ floor is able to bear in excess of 40 tons per sq metre and both studios have direct HGV drive-in access to the stage floor. The two stages can also be interlinked to create one large facility of 19,000 sq ft and each has a private entrance and 2000 sq ft of additional production office upstairs along with private welfare facilities.

Studios 2 & 3 are perfectly suited to large-format virtual/extended reality installations that can be custom-designed to your exact requirements. A variety of projection and LED wall display technology is available from basic rear projection to a fully equipped high resolution LED video studio with a comprehensive Unreal Engine setup.

Bring the location to the studio enabling cost-effective use of cast and crew, exponential reductions in cost and equally huge reductions in carbon footprint with our carbon-neutral facilities.

The ability to produce 1st class special effects has never been quite so readily available as it is today with the use of emerging technologies and PSL is well placed to deliver as needed.

Studios 4 - 7 (& additional facilities)

Studios 4 – 7 are currently being built and will be available in Q3 2021

Over 8000 sq ft of custom designed, carbon-neutral, air-conditioned and specially developed studio and facilities space is in the process of planning and build in order to provide the very latest high-spec and well-appointed production facilities for our clients.

As well as 4 additional studios and a superbly equipped control room, our development also includes a kitchen & canteen, 7 beautifully appointed dressing rooms and a complete hair & makeup facility.

Studio 4 is our high resolution LED (Virtual Reality / Extended Reality) dedicated studio. Utilising emerging technologies and software platforms Studio 4 represents the future of TV and film production. Creation of virtual sets using Unreal Engine allows the location to be brought into the studio – even if it is entirely unreachable normally – potentially saving huge costs and reducing carbon footprint exponentially

Studio 5 is our audio production facility which will feature an SSL Duality Delta suite and the very latest in acoustic design, monitoring, software, hardware and audio capture technology. 

In addition to being equipped for audio recording, mixing, post-production and mastering, our control room will also include specification for live-stream and video editing in a custom-designed environment.

Studios 6 and 7 are to be acoustically treated blank canvasses that can be used as blackout rooms for photography, set creation, advertising or green screen, or double up as additional production offices, wardrobe or client areas as required.

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