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About Us

PSL is a company built on the delivery of high standards of audio and lighting design. Established over more than 20 years, our original task of delivering touring audio and lighting systems evolved into system design and installation for venues. These have ranged over the years from small bars and high-end home systems, to large theatre, superclub and studio installations of both sound and lighting.

We are very proud of our technical experience and achievements but pride ourselves especially on the level of service we provide. We ensure that we communicate thoroughly and properly, that our customers understand what we’re doing for them and that our ongoing support is refreshingly helpful and prompt.


Our value & experience

It is simply not sufficient to take premium products, plug them in and expect the best results. PSL designs and builds high-end systems of outstanding quality that are the culmination of more than two decades of experience combined with a deep understanding of audio. It is this value that we bring to every piece of work we carry out. There are 3 key elements where design experience is required, this is covered in further detail below.

Our standards

Designing truly high end audio means meeting a full set of high standards. If you arrived here hoping to discover a company that is able to make people’s hair stand on end by showing them the kind of audio that they haven’t experienced before, then you can stop looking – that is our goal. It’s achieved by avoiding compromises where they must not exist and in maintaining only the highest quality standards at every stage of our work.

Looking after you - properly

The full PSL experience comes down to service and communication: ensuring that our customers are fully informed from start to finish, that they understand the systems we build for them, providing clear and comprehensive training, and a level of ongoing support that is refreshing and responsive. Communicating with you before you have to ask us, on all aspects of our work, is something you should expect from us.

Customer loyalty

Combine over 20 years’ experience with high standards of equipment, installation work, service and communication and you can understand clearly why we achieve repeat business. Almost all of our work comes from referrals and many of our customers have remained with us for decades, there is a very good reason for this and we’re extremely proud of our long-standing customer relationships.


The three essential design considerations in high-end audio




Understanding exactly why sound behaves in the way it does and being able to predict what will happen in a given environment is critical to our work.

Ensuring that the environment is suitable for listening to audio is equally essential, half of what you hear is defined by the room and unless you get that right, spending money on good equipment might be a terrible waste.


The subject covering how audio behaves in both analogue and digital form within the system equipment – how we get the electronics and the speakers to meet our standards and do exactly what we want them to do.

This involves not only the knowledge required to choose the correct speaker systems and electronics but also the ability and experience needed to set them up perfectly.


The human interpretation of audio: how sound will be experienced by the listener and the ways in which it affects them.

Understanding the human auditory system combined with the psychological effects of audio and exactly how your system will impact the listeners is crucial to designing the perfect sound system. Unless this is fully understood, you can’t hope to give people an experience.



The experience of good audio is multi-sensory and therefore the visual elements of a high-end installation are just as critical as the audio itself.

Whether there is a need for perfectly appointed architectural lighting to set off a unique space, or to deliver an intelligent lighting system that creates a full show, PSL has the knowledge and experience to design the perfect system to deliver the result you require.

We have access to a wide range of architectural and entertainment lighting that can be combined with many different types of control systems to give you as much control or as little technical hassle as you wish.

A wide range of our lighting work is featured in the gallery below.




We are “brand agnostic” and will always choose the best equipment for the application in preference to favouring a manufacturer for any other reason.

PSL has the benefit of dealerships with a wide variety of leading brands including:

  • Speaker systems from:  Funktion One, Electrovoice, D&B, EM Acoustics, JBL, B&W, KEF.
  • Audio electronics from:  Full Fat Audio, MC2, XTA, NST Audio, Lab Gruppen, Crown, Powersoft, Cloud.
  • Lighting from:  Martin Professional, Chauvet, Infinity, Artecta, Anolis, Prolight Concepts, Obsidian, Avolites, Chamsys.

PSL also provides consultancy, design and installation services for acoustic treatment, soundproofing, noise control and monitoring systems.

“Truly exceptional audio is a technical art-form”


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